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architecture_interior_design & brand consulting

bau_netz 바우네츠는 독일어로 '구축하다'와

'네트'의 합성어로 건축과 인테리어 등 공간에 관련된

디자이너과 브랜드컨설팅 협력 플랫폼입니다. 

Koossino PNPD 건축사사무소,

Awesome 커뮤니케이션즈가 더욱 좋은 작품을

구축하기 위해 협력하고, 자유롭고 창의적인

공간과 디자인을 위해

실험적이며 과감한 시도를 하고,

더 나아가 다양한 디자이너들과 협업하며

다품종 소량생산 시대에 경쟁력있는

디자인과 브랜드로 실현할 것입니다.

Bau_netz, which translates to "Build Network" in German,

is a collaborative platform for designers specializing

in architecture, interior design, and other spatial disciplines.

It is a partnership between Koossino and

PNPD architectural office, Awesome communications

aiming to construct exceptional works.

They engage in experimental and daring endeavors

to create innovative and imaginative spaces and designs.

Furthermore, they foster collaborations with diverse designers,

striving to realize competitive designs for High-quality,

limited-run production of diverse product offerings

architects & designers


Junchul Kim

  • Facebook
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Architect & DNOS Founder


Hanjun Kim

  • Facebook
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Architect & PNP Space design

communications & brand consulting 

Awesome communications

Awesome Comm. Founder & Marketing Consultant 

Gia Baek

Awesome Comm. Project Designer 

Daeho Ga

Awesome Comm. AE

Eugene Lee

Awesome Comm. Brand Art & Communication Director

Sulea Lee


construction & build

Yongchang construction company (주)용창건설 / HADS (주)하드스 

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